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Piada d’Oro Quality.

Piada d’Oro guarantees, for all its production activities, the rigorous application of an auto -controlling system for the company hygiene, with a study regarding the potential risks according to the method HACCP. Anyway the added value of Piada d’Oro is the staff job, carried out by qualified employees and experts in bakery who are in continuous search for the characteristics of the products through a constant activity of research and planning, a careful selection of the suppliers, daily controls on the manufacturing processing, an accurate verifying of the kneads and of the organoleptic quality of the finished product.
In order to guarantee the quality and safety parameters of the products, the company devotes a particular attention to the selection of the suppliers of raw materials: Piada d’Oro personally verifies the trustfulness planning visits and controls both on the works and on the raw materials.
All raw materials are strictly connected with our finished products respecting fully the regulations regarding the food traceability.
The finished product, before being sold, undergoes other numerous controls in order to state that all the phases of the processing have been regularly carried out; the chemical-microbiologic analysis are carried out by accredited labs in order to guarantee that all controlled parameters do respect the strict regulations and standards imposed by Piada d’Oro.
For ever the company has been consumer oriented, supplying clear information on labels conscious that this important inter-face is a very useful and important information source for those who consume the products and wish to know their intrinsic and nutrition values.


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